Rebecca is available to deliver memorable keynotes, workshops, and break-out sessions on the innovative  Exoconscious Future that is unfolding.  She is a frequent presenter at conferences and interviewed on radio and television. For over 30 years, she has worked professionally in the fields of consciousness science, metaphysics, education and counseling. Her circle of colleagues includes scientists, astronauts, ufologists, and medical, university and religious professionals.  


Presentation Topics

The Power of the Exoconscious Human


After 20 years of research, activism, and therapy with extraterrestrial experiencers, Rebecca discovered that a remarkable group have advanced their on-going ET contact, utilizing it across a wide spectrum of leading-edge professions.

 The power of these Exoconscious Humans radically alters our perspective of what it means for humans to be in relationship with extraterrestrials. Their Exoconscious contact transforms our culture. 

As Exoconscious Humans advance their extraterrestrial consciousness, they integrate the information and energy accessed into a new perspective of self and reality. They apply their contact information to expanded consciousness and heightened psychic abilities in their professional and personal lives.  

During this talk you will learn: 

· Who are Exoconscious Humans

· Why they comprise a new category of Close Encounter classification

· How they develop Exoconsciousness 

· How they apply extraterrestrial contact information in their personal lives and professions

· Why their experience influences our space plans and programs

· How they re-define and benefit culture

· A view into our Exoconscious Future 

Has ET Shown up in your Session? Consulting with ET-UFO Experiencers

  This presentation is designed for healers, hypnotherapists, bodyworkers, and coaches who consult with clients who have ET UFO and Extraordinary Experiences. It covers current research related to ET-UFO-Extraordinary experiencers within the context of consciousness and psychological science and suggests effective treatment modalities. 

Rebecca Hardcastle Wright shares her professional insights as a hypnotherapist and transformational coach. She is the founder of the Institute for Exoconsciousness, specializing in consciousness. An ET experiencer since childhood, Rebecca is active in ufology, Exopolitics, and consciousness science as well as building the Community of the Exoconscious, an international online ET Experiencers website.  

Who: Latest psychological research of individuals who have various types of contact and communication with ET UFOs and other non-human intelligences.  

What: What you may encounter with ET Experiencer. Recommendations for effective treatment modalities.

Where: Where the Community of the Exoconscious gather as advanced psychic Exoconscious Humans—who evolved from trauma initiation to transformative integration.

Why: Examines the distinct missions of ET Experiencers and how they create an Exoconscious Future. 

The Exoconscious Human: A Post-Disclosure Proposal


For over 70 years, UFO investigations dominated the extraterrestrial world view. Scientific- technical details about the crafts were valued above researching who was in the craft, what they were doing here and the meaning of their encounters with humans. Now, as Exopolitics moves toward Disclosure and technology creates Transhumans--Exoconscious ET experiencers play a vital role. 

Exoconsciousness, our awareness of our ET connection and communication, may be crucial for the survival of the human species. 

Rebecca will examine 3 perspectives:

1. What’s happening in Washington DC and why it matters to Exoconscious ET Experiencers?

2. Who is “Framing” the ET discussion and meaning?

3. And the most fascinating question— As Exoconscious Humans are we a viable alternative to Transhumanism?

As the Transhumanist proclaims, “make me a machine” the Exoconscious proclaims, “I am an Exoconscious Human.”

Rebecca’s presentation examines the cultural trends of Transhumanism and Exoconsciousness. She compares the perspectives, beliefs and science of both trends as we humans confront a looming crossroad. 

Do we, as an Earth species, become Transhuman or Exoconscious Humans?

Speaking Testimonials


Phoenix MUFON just attained another level of intelligence!

Dr. Rebecca Hardcastle Wright presented wonderful material to our chapter of the Mutual UFO Network this past weekend and seeds have been planted!! Rebecca gave a wonderfully-polished lecture on Exoconsciousness - which is the study of extraterrestial origins and dimensions and how they fit into our human consciousness. Rebecca's research into quantum-based consciousness was very well received, and we feel her message is a must for anyone looking into telepathy, psychic intelligence and the meaning surrounding UFO/ET experiences. Jim Mann and Stacey Wright, Phoenix MUFON

Dr. Rebecca Hardcastle Wright presents ideas in an original and creative way. The range of her resources and experiences is the perfect combination to bring audiences a wealth information to evolve new perspectives on reality and improve their lives. Alan Steinfeld, Summit on Spirituality and Social Change.

I hope you're doing well since our radio show. It was one of the biggest listening audiences I've had! The replay is very popular, too! 2-27-15 Joyce Jackson, Sane Talk Radio


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