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the study of the extraterrestrial origins, dimensions and abilities of human consciousness  

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Guardians of Humanity

The Guardians of Humanity Conference

Belo Hozonte, Brazil

April 19 to 21, 2019

Belo Horizonte, Brazil

"Exoconsciousness Awaits Us" 


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Exoconscious Circle Class, Brazil

Exoconsciousness Creates a Crossroads of Purpose. Juliano Pozati

Video with Portuguese subtitles. 

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How Exoconscious Humans Guide our Space-Faring Future

What if space exploration lacks a key ingredient needed for advancement? Exoconscious Humans.

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Work with Rebecca: Speaker, Educator, Consultant

Rebecca Hardcastle Wright, PhD, is the founder of the Institute for Exoconsciousness. Rebecca works closely with the Community of the Exoconscious to develop original research and share the community's innovations in health, energy, arts and science. This enables her to speak on topics that translate into opportunities for humans as they connect with ETs.  Her work highlights that ET experiencers develop multi-dimensional minds, advanced psychic abilities, transformed physical bodies, and spiritual alignment through ongoing integration of their contact experience. 

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As the Vanguard of Disclosure, the Community of the Exoconscious provides structure, support, and resources for ET experiencer communities. Worldwide. Our mission is to serve as a planetary, elevated frequency network of ET Experiencer communities for the expansion of ET-Human exoconsciousness. We are members of a cosmic community and learn to work in harmony with other beings, some unlike ourselves. We learn to identify our ET Self and share our innovations with others.


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Living an Exoconscious Life is about the healthy integration of ET abilities and experiences. Rebecca combines modalities of Exoconscious Coaching, hypnotherapy, and counseling. She works with clients to bring their ET experience into conscious integration. In cases of illness and trauma, she partners with physicians and healers to optimize emotional, spiritual and physical health. Clients create their path to health. Each client is unique. Each client’s path to health is multifaceted and personal.

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Enjoy a variety of work describing and expanding the concept of Exoconsciousness. 

Who are Exoconscious Humans?

Exoconscious Humans are classified as CE-6. They transform their extraterrestrial contact from the unconscious and unaware, to conscious awareness, emphasizing integration of contact. Exoconscious Humans integrate through ongoing conscious contact and relationship with ET. They experience physical, psychological, spiritual, and reality transformations. They self-identify with extraterrestrials in a conscious reality.

Free Extraterrestrial Contact Assessment

The Adult Extraterrestrial Contact Assessment provides the opportunity to reflect privately on your contact. The assessment begins at birth and continues into adulthood. Then, if you wish to delve deeper into questions or specific events, you are invited to schedule a session.  Sessions are on available on Skype or in our Scottsdale office. 

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Exoconscious humans are the Vanguard of Disclosure. We integrate and develop our innate abilities to connect and communicate with extraterrestrials which optimizes our psychic abilities, boosts our health, enhances our consciousness and aligns us spiritually. Learn more from our Blog

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