Institute for Exoconsciousness

Non-Profit 501C3

The Institute for Exoconsciousness was founded in Washington, DC, in 2016 in response to the need for increased support,  recognition, and resources for Extraterrestrial Experiencers. The founder, Rebecca Hardcastle Wright, PhD, gathered an international group of Experiencers who collectively had 100's of years of ET contact. Many of the members were childhood contactees and all had integrated their ongoing contact into their professional and personal lives. This group became an Exoconscious Mastermind who developed the mission, goals, and programs of the Institute.

In 2018 the Institute will receive their non-profit status and launch the Community of the Exoconscious, an internationally unified platform of collaborative organizations and individuals with related missions “By Extraterrestrial Experiencers, For Extraterrestrial Experiencers."


Our shift to Exoconsciousness is a global phenomenon, transforming the fields of science and spirituality. Sounds is!

The Institute is launching programs that will serve both Experiencers and the ETs with whom we work.

Programs include: 

  • Network of Experiencers and Groups: create a more expansive networked community
  • Marketplace: for entrepreneurs to make a better living, share their mission
  • Education: Webinar Platform, Livestream: serving recent and integrated experiencers
  • Galactic News Network: ET-Human news portal
  • Inventors: Angel and Venture Capital support for ET inspired inventors

Visit our Community of the Exoconscious Website