Institute for Exoconsciousness: FAQ


What is Exoconsciousness


Exoconsciousness is the study of the Extraterrestrial origins, dimensions, and abilities of human consciousness. It theorizes that humans possess an innate ability to connect and communicate with ET via their consciousness and affirms ET Experiencers as a primary source of ET UFO information.

Exoconsciousness is an awareness of our connection and existence outside the boundary of our Planet Earth. It is the knowledge that "we are not alone." 

What is unique about your Institute?

We are a global platform of ET Experiencers living post-disclosure lives, supporting interplanetary/inter-dimensional communication. We are creating Exoculture for scientists, artists, educators, healers, inventors, entrepreneurs and visionaries. 

The Institute for Exoconsciousness is a major global representation of the Contactee Movement. We are a resource, information/wisdom library as well as a living entity personifying the changing times and evolving consciousness field.   

We provide a safe, authentic, honest, humble, welcoming and practical community.  We respect and support one another's messages and work. 

How do I become Exoconscious?

We welcome you to join our community and participate in our education programs that will guide you in extraterrestrial contact and development of Exoconsciousness. We share tools and techniques for integrating your contact into  your personal and professional life. 

What are the Benefits of Becoming Exoconscious?

Some of the Benefits of Exoconsciousness include:


· Human-ET integrated sense of Self, based in shared consciousness

· Advanced psychic abilities

· Co-equal and co-creative relationship with ET

· Balanced, peaceful, and harmonious Human-ET relationship, based in mutual service and respect

· Respect for ETs—some like us, some not like us

· Opening a consciousness portal between Humans and ETs to foster advanced culture, art, science, and spirituality 

· Increased respect for Earth as our home planet within a universe of intelligent life and civilizations

Who can join the community?

We offer community and resources whether you are a recent or an accomplished ET, inter-dimensional or psychic-paranormal experiencer. We are aware that human awareness, beyond the boundaries of the traditional, includes many experiences of consciousness. Join us in defining and living in this uncharted territory. Co-create with us a new language and culture.   

What do you offer me?

We offer you the opportunity to express and share the knowledge and abilities gained through ET, inter-dimensional, psychic contact. Our community's international platform provides programs where you can learn, create, invent, and make a living expressing your ET contact and mission. 

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