Exoconscious Coaching

What is Exoconscious Coaching?

Your relationship with who you are is the most important one.

Sometimes that relationship includes otherworldly experiences you cannot ignore. And yet, you are unable to make sense of, much less integrate, these experiences. 

Some of your unusual experiences and knowledge might come from ET visitation, UFO sightings, psychic experiences, and anomalous happenings.


As you awaken to the impact of these anomalous experiences you may ask--Why Me? What does my ET experience mean?

If this person is you, then you are a client for Exoconscious Coaching.

Exoconscious Coaching promotes self-discovery, bringing unconscious events and behavior patterns into awareness, which results in healing and integration.  

The goal of Exoconscious Coaching is deepening the development and integration of anomalous and extraterrestrial experiences for expanded consciousness and psychic abilities, transformation, and health  

Who is an Exoconscious Human?

Exoconscious Humans and extraterrestrials experience a shared conscious reality. Gradually, ET contact integrates with a definition of Self, until a person self-identifies with extraterrestrials. In these cases, shared consciousness, contact, communication, and co-creation with extraterrestrials defines their world-view. 

Exoconscious Humans shift their extraterrestrial contact from the unconscious and unaware, into consciousness, emphasizing integration of their ongoing contact. They have direct access to information through their consciously detailed contact. This direct access provides opportunities for physical, psychological, spiritual, and overall world-view transformations.

Exoconscious Humans become communication portals connected to ETs. 

What are the benefits of Exoconscious Coaching?


· Human-ET integrated sense of Self,  based in shared consciousness

· Advanced psychic abilities

· Co-equal and co-creative relationship with ET

· Balanced, peaceful, and harmonious Human-ET relationship, based in mutual service and respect

· Respect for ETs—some like us, some not like us

· Consciousness portal between Humans and ETs to foster advanced culture, art, science, spirituality 

· Increased respect for Earth as our home planet within a universe of intelligent life and civilizations

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