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Mind Body Medicine, Scottsdale


Rebecca brings 30 years of experience to the holistic health care staff of Dr. Ron Peter’s Mind Body Medicine clinic in Scottsdale, Arizona.

Rebecca’s approach is to assist clients in recognizing patterns of trauma, releasing them and healing. Trauma is often the cause of disease and suffering. 

She then assists clients to bring forth their innate ability to create their personal path to health. Each client is unique. Each client’s path to health is multifaceted and personal. Each client weaves their chosen path with new values, mindsets, and lifestyle. 

Mind Body Medicine Clinic offers a wide array of advanced professional health services. 

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Internet Counseling Services


Rebecca offers full counseling services online. 

Please contact Rebecca to arrange for counseling from the comfort of your home.

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Growing up in chaos, uncertainty, poverty, mental and physical dishealth and minimal parenting, I have sought therapy numerous times.... working with Rebecca is/has been a rich in depth multidimensional journey!!! Helping me understand the mind body connection is the most powerful tool ever!!!! If you have even a spark of recognition that such a journey will benefit you.. do not hesitate to act!!! I am so appreciative. Patricia