Exploring the Extraterrestrial Dimensions of Human Consciousness

--- Exploring the Extraterrestrial Dimensions of Human Consciousness---


Extraterrestrial Origins
of Human Consciousness

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~ June 21, 2005 ~

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_______ Introduction

IN 2005 I taught Extraterrestrial Reality, one of the first college-sponsored ufology courses in the nation, at Scottsdale Community College (Scottsdale, AZ) through the Community Education department. The college and local media embraced the course, publicizing it on television, radio, and in print, which filled the class with students. The class had a high caliber of students, many with contact experience and broad intellectual knowledge of the science, history, and metaphysics surrounding UFO and alien or star-visitor phenomena.

Ufology, the study of extraterrestrial phenomena such as alien visitation, craft sightings, and contact experience, has finally left the dark ages of speculative hypothesis and is growing in regard as a testable scientific theory. The massive accumulation of physical data from sightings and contact experiences, gathered by independent and university researchers, government organizations, the military and experiencers, shifts ufology from a mere hypothesis to a theory which can be tested and documented.

Since the 1940s, a dedicated generation accomplished the hard task of compiling scientific data so that following generations might move research forward without the need to delineate scientific and historical believability of ufology. Intellectual energy need not be channeled into repetitive skepticism and circular criticisms. Ufology is established as theory. Now commences the work of refining the data and creating scientific applications for the 21st Century as humans move forward in aerospace travel and cosmic consciousness.

The Scottsdale Community College Extraterrestrial Reality course was designed to expand on the idea of what it means to be human in the 21st Century as we relate to forms of intelligent, responsive life originating or occurring beyond or within Earth dimensions. Ufology was presented as an academic body of knowledge. Conceptual knowledge was combined with hands-on, competency-based learning. Participants were encouraged to share and expand on their experiences in a safe, non-judgmental environment. All styles of learning were respected.

Why is an academic ufology curriculum necessary? It provides a body of knowledge that may be used to understand current news and cultural events. As the media embraces ufology and nightly newscasts of sightings are used to boost audience ratings, a background of ufology is essential in separating the wheat from the chaff. The illusory from the possible. The staged from the actual. As scientific theories from fields like quantum physics and zero-point energy emerge from the subatomic realm into the mainstream, ufology curriculum easily accommodates the new reality. As an extraterrestrial reality becomes pervasive, individuals have a touchstone, an objective body of respected research, to use when examining their subjective experiences.

Subjective experience is recognized as an integral part of ufology. As participants create their extraterrestrial reality it is necessary to lean on their subjective experience to integrate objective information. My reality shifted while attending the 2005 X-Conference in Washington, D.C. Jaime Maussan, fondly known as Mexico's Mike Wallace (of 60 Minutes), presented a compilation of UFO videos that had been sent by his viewing audience. During one of his videos, I watched a morphing mother ship, suspended in space, simultaneously digest and launch hundreds of craft. I intuitively sensed that these craft were not the technological nuts-and-bolts of our aerospace industry, but were plasma-like, conscious entities. Conscious craft were expelled out of the mother ship while others returned. With each flight and landing, the shape of the mother ship morphed into another shape. There was an obvious consciousness component at work. I was enchanted. I was hooked. I sensed a similarity to human consciousness.

Questions swirled. Do humans possess an extraterrestrial conscious ability? Is there an extraterrestrial dimension within our consciousness? Is it part of our DNA? Is it integral to our body as well as our mind? If so, what does it do? Can we learn to use it? Manage it? What help is available? The UFO familiar phrase, "we are not alone" was replaced by the possibility that an examination of consciousness might confirm that "we were never alone." Is our body the mother ship and our consciousness the craft?

As though a deck of mental cards reshuffled, my paradigm shifted. All the years of yoga, tantra, body work, and spiritual discipline opened to a new reality. Was my body the propellant? Was I the zero-point? Was the consciousness I so faithfully nurtured and developed being prepared to launch and re-enter the mother ship? Was Maussan's video simply a display of astral projection on a macro-scale? Was I both the mother and the ship? If so, how many ships could I launch? Did I possess one consciousness or many? Could my consciousness multiply? Could I possibly evolve into a mother ship with hundreds, if not thousands, of craft? Were these beings showing me the way?

I began to search for a term to describe the phenomenon I witnessed. Exoconsciousness emerged. As I integrated the knowledge I witnessed, I intuitively knew that humans possess an extraterrestrial consciousness, or exoconsciousness, integral to our bodies and our minds. We possess a cosmic consciousness which links us directly to what the ancients called the star visitors and we term extraterrestrials. The purpose of this paper is to explore human consciousness as directly linked to the cosmos and its inhabitants, and to further understand how this cosmic cord could be utilized to travel, communicate, and evolve as intergalactic beings.

First I had to examine human consciousness. It seemed to be a key.

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